We work all day for what?
We slave away hours that we will never get back, why?
I could be half way across the world, meeting people , showing my potential, yet I’m here, making ends meat. Trying to survive until the next break, the next pay day. Not like it matters because half of that disappears from costs of living. Why does it cost to live. Every breath is like 50 cents from my pocket. Didn’t it used to be free?
Why can’t I just be free?

The light at the end of the tunnel is one thing that few see after a long road of struggle. But to see that light is to feel opened. To see a hand outstreached just for you is the most precious feeling. I do believe there is someone out there for everyone, someone who will pull them out of the dark, who will save them from entering the ebony surroundings of nothing. One might not find this someone fast; it may take a lot of struggling. But to find that one, is to have learnt the ways of living. The pain of humanity. The real feeling of a heart being crushed, and to have hit the bottom, covered in ice cold rock. Do not let yourself give up if that someone has not found you. You will see it, the light, you will know.